Nature Hikes - Good For You and Fun Too!

Dated: January 19 2021

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New Year’s resolutions often include fitness goals which can easily go by the wayside after just a few weeks or even days. In fact, this is the week each year that many fitness resolutions are abandoned altogether.

The good news: you can create a habit that is good for you and something you look forward to at the same time. Getting outside has multiple health benefits in addition to the calories you burn while walking or hiking. We have all been cooped up too long so let’s make getting outdoors a priority this month and beyond.

Here are some of the benefits of exercising outside and being surround by nature:

1)      Almost anyone can do it! You can take a leisurely stroll or a more vigorous hike.  Kids love to be outside and fresh air is good for the whole family.

2)      Get a dose of natural Vitamin D! A natural stress reliever, Vitamin D strengthens bones, too, and boosts your immune system, which helps prevent and fight off illness.

3)      Burn more calories! If you are spending the same amount of time on an activity, make it count. The natural variations in terrain and the body constantly regulating temperature naturally increases the calories that are burned.

4)      Workout longer! The natural stimulation results in more enthusiasm.

5)      Being in nature increases endorphins (feel-good hormones) which decreases depression.

You don’t even have to go to the mountains to explore! Try some of these nearby spots for a start.

Try out the recently opened Rosie Reuter Trail and Incline Challenge in Parker. Visit for directions. Open from sunrise to sunset, the incline will get your heart rate up with 132 steps and a loop that is just over a mile long. Be rewarded with sweeping views at the top of the incline. You can do it more than once if you want a longer workout!

Castlewood Canyon State Park in Franktown offers year-round fun with trails of varying lengths and a variety of terrain. Learn about a piece of Colorado’s history too!

Bluffs Regional Park in Lone Tree offers a 3.72-mile soft-surface trail with a 2,000-foot elevation gain. Vistas of the Front Range, downtown Denver and grassland flora and fauna are all part of the package. You can connect to other area trail systems here

A little over an hour from downtown Parker just south of Calhan in El Paso County hike the trails in Paint Mines Interpretive Park. Plaques interspersed throughout the park explain the geology and history of the sandstone formations and the ancient people that used the vibrant colors for paint and pottery.

Get out today and enjoy!                      

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