Deep Clean for Sparkling Showings

Dated: August 23 2021

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Window cleaning inside and out before putting your home on the market makes your home look bright and fresh and brings the outdoors in.

In addition to “can you tell there are window there” clean, don’t forget the rest of your house, and if your realtor offers window cleaning as well as a deep clean, all the better!

Reasons to Sparkle Your Home from Top to Bottom:

1)      Blinds and other window coverings can trap insects, dirt and cobwebs too. Now that your windows are clean, make sure the blinds and curtains spotless. When showing your home you want the view to be the focal point, and you don’t want dirty window coverings to detract from the view and your clean windows.

2)      Even if you have high ceilings, make sure the corners, ceilings, light fixtures and ceiling fans are clean. Prospective buyers Will look up and you don’t want dirt or dust to be the focus.

3)      A deep clean includes dusting and/or wiping down the walls, baseboards, wainscotting, crown molding, and any other trim.

4)      Bathrooms and kitchens should be cleaned top to bottom so that the countertops, sinks, and floors shine. Appliances should be clean and free of food and debris – inside and out!

5)      Floors should be vacuumed thoroughly, and carpets should be cleaned if needed. Hard floors should be mopped or waxed.

6)      A clean home will smell …CLEAN.

7)      Carpets and pets can cause odors that you become used to every day and don’t notice when you are living there. Don’t be embarrassed to ask your realtor and/or a friend to give their honest opinion. Off odors can mean that carpets have absorbed smells, body oil from pets, etc., over time and need a professional cleaning too.

8)      Cleaning under appliances, including washers and dryers can help eliminate smells.

9)      If possible, pets should not in the house during showings. Remove litter boxes from main living areas.

10)   Remember, a clean home also gives the impression of a well-cared-for home.


When tidying up your home to sell, even the smallest details make a big difference. Let me help ✨SPARKLE ✨your home with a Professional In-Home Detail-Clean! We will make sure every nook and cranny is sparkling clean so your house looks its best for potential buyers.

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