A Winning Team to Sparkle Your Home

Dated: May 5 2021

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A realtor that has partners on his or her side has upped their game, which gives you the home team advantage when selling or buying a home.

Ideally, you should interview three realtors when you are ready to throw the ball into the real estate market. Even though inventory is extremely low right now, having a solid team is important in any market. The realtor with a team has carefully chosen experts in their specific fields.  Each player is invested in the success of the transaction. Mutual trust and respect have been established, and this synergy saves the realtor time. Best of all it saves the buyer or seller valuable time and money.

Whether you are buying or selling, you won’t have to run around town, make countless phone calls and interview each player on your own. Once you have found the realtor that fits your needs and you can trust, the rest will fall into place.

When interviewing a realtor, the team approach should be an important part of the decision. The realtor has established relationships with various industry experts and these players are automatically on your side too.

A mortgage broker can make sure that the transaction proceeds smoothly and that you are in the strongest financial position, from out-of-pocket expenses to your mortgage payment.

An inspector can save you the headache of surprise repairs right after you close. Even in a market with low inventory, it might be possible to negotiate needed repairs or a major issue.

A roofer can check the roof for damage and leaks and assess the overall condition of the roof.

A cleaning service and window washer make the home shine. Cleaning the home and windows will make it sparkle from the inside out and will bring the outside in.

A stager can do everything from decluttering and helping rearrange furniture, to brightening the rooms with accessories and different furniture that highlights the best features of the home. The staging will stand out in a sparkling clean home with spotless windows.

An insurance agent will make sure coverage is adequate for everything from hail damage to total replacement in case of a catastrophic event. Knowing what your deductible is and having coverage that gives you peace of mind is invaluable.

A photographer will raise the bar by highlighting the sparkling home that has been staged in the best light. Great photos will attract more buyers and help sell your home faster.

Each of these experts is an integral part of the process by helping the realtor focus on finding the best home or getting top dollar for a seller. When each person does what they do best, you will always be part of a winning team.

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